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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Awards Winning Quick Change Books - Set of all 3 Parts - BIG SALE!!! 🏷

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Quick Change Books - Set of all 3 Parts

These Books teaches you how to make and perform Men’s and Women’s Quick Change Suits.

Advanced secrets are revealed, including the revolutionary "Clumsy Loops on Ribbon" and "Magical Zipper" release mechanisms. "Clumsy Loops on Ribbon" and "Magical Zipper" release mechanisms will allow you to make your own Quick Change costumes very easily, in a very short time.

Having read these books you will be able to sew your own quick change costumes in no time at all. 

Secrets, which seemed to be inaccessible, now can open you to the wide spectrum of opportunities of the Quick Costume Change genre.

Having read these books can supply you with quite a lot of useful information. In a very short time you can create a full transformation wardrobe very quickly. 

Having read these books you will not only learn how to use secret routines correctly, but also to diversify your choice of quick change suits collection.

In these books and in our other books, we are trying to teach you to work independently on the design of your suits, to introduce new ideas in your acts, and learn to realise your ideas in creative and original ways. 

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