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Slow Fall Confetti - Glitter

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Slowfall Metallic Confetti Silver and Red

✅ In our experience, this is the best Slow Fall Confetti we have found for this purpose.

✅ These features ensure that the film strips stay in the air for a long time and sail slowly down.
✅ Compared to the usual confetti, the flight effect can be extended by the special shape by several seconds to a minute.
✅ The Slowfall confetti has a high color strength without rubbing on the hands.
✅ The good fit of the blanks allows a perfect and even distribution at every event.
✅ The Slowfall Metallic FX confetti fits well in the hand and is easy to operate.
✅ Whether for a smaller celebration or for a huge event, the Metallic FX Confetti is the innovative item for every occasion!
✅ Special light slow-fall film with 23 my = 0,023 mm thickness and the dimensions of 55 x 18 mm.
✅ Special designs in special colour, sizes or quantities available on request.

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